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Foundation drainage options

  • Hydro-Channel - An interior drainage system that provides protection on the footing at the cove.

  • Strip Drain - An exterior foundation drainage system that is code approved and no rock backfill is required.

  • Sump Pit - A drainage system that is wrapped in geo textile fabric to prevent debris from entering the sump pump.


Complete waterproofing systems

A variety of waterproofing systems are available at Champion Waterproofing Inc. Each system features a spray-applied, polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane. View all your options and the warranties that come with each system.

Create a Weather Resistant Barrier

Champion Waterproofing Inc. has successfully waterproofed over 10,000 new basements. We provide you the opportunity to protect your home from water damage. Contact us today to get a FREE estimate on waterproofing services.


We install one of the best weather resistant barriers, Enviro-Dri Weather Resistant Barrier System. It is a liquid applied, vapor permeable membrane (approximately 12-15 mil wet).

Leak repair services

  • Crack injections

  • Honeycomb repairs

  • Beam pocket packed and injected

  • Plumbing (water and sewer) penetrations injected

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